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Initial post 24 SEP by Nastarana
I received a catalogue from Fedco today. Fedco is a Maine seed, organic garden supply and nursery stock company. It is a customer owned cooperative and I am a (distinctly unimportant, I do assure you) member. The catalogue is Trees, Shrubs and Perennials for 2024, shipping to begin in the spring, I believe. There is about one and a half pages of roses being offered, most or all of which are sourced from Cornhill Nursery in Canada. I doubt the Fedco management has the time or inclination to list each of 16 cultivars, and if I do so, that will take up two or three pages of this forum.

The list is: 'Chloris', 'Canadian Sheild', 'Chinook Sunrise', 'Emily Carr', 'Stanwell Perpetual', 'Charles de Mills', 'Tuscany Superb', 'Blanc Double de Coubert', 'Hansaland', 'Max Graf', 'Moje Hammarberg', 'Wasagaming' R. Virginia. Two more are of special interest: 'Morden 6910' "Complex hybrid bred by Bret Harp of the Morden Res and Dev Center...Breeding records were closely guarded, so this one remains without a name." Fedco. cat referenced above, p. 48. Also there is a rarity from Georges Bugnet, breeder of 'Therese Bugnet', the rugosa 'Lac Majeau'.

Fedco has provided excellent descriptions for each cultivar. These can be viewed on their website Order deadline is March 1, 2024, mail or online only, no fax, no phone orders.
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Initial post 19 FEB by AnnieH
Does anyone know a mail order source for Royal Sunset rose; I’m in Colorado and wish to try it even though zone 6; I have lots of sun
Thanks for any ideas!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 19 FEB by Margaret Furness
The Buy From tab on the Royal Sunset page lists Rogue Valley Roses in Oregon.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 19 FEB by AnnieH
Thanks so much, Margaret!
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most recent 29 MAR 21 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 29 MAR 21 by Coney
I am searching for a nursery that carries Kathryn Morley roses. The variety is originally David Austin, but they no longer have it. I am in IL, but any location that ships here would do. Thanks.
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most recent 31 DEC 20 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 30 DEC 20 by Duchesse
Just selected and paid for "Fearless" having read a rave review elsewhere online about heat tolerance. How dismayed was I to find a note on it's listing here to say, does NOT do well in warmer climates. Opinions?
Reply #1 of 9 posted 30 DEC 20 by Palustris
So you have the opportunity to test the warm weather suitability of 'Fearless' and report back to the HMF community. Just be certain to post your review under 'Fearless' not Hardy Roses.
Reply #3 of 9 posted 30 DEC 20 by Duchesse
Yes, I guess I am about to find out. We have extreme long periods of dry heat (country QLD).
Reply #2 of 9 posted 30 DEC 20 by ....
Reply #4 of 9 posted 30 DEC 20 by Duchesse
We will certainly find out if it lives up to it's name. I have a very hot dry climate and high winds. I do what I can for them, but if they are delicate they dont survive.
Reply #5 of 9 posted 31 DEC 20 by ....
Reply #6 of 9 posted 31 DEC 20 by Patricia Routley
The person who said “it tends to burn a lot in heat” lives in Sydney. In the references Swane’s Nursery (also Sydney) says “ Leathery foliage that withstands fiery summer temps”. Let us know in time, and as Palustris says, under ‘Fearless’.
Reply #7 of 9 posted 31 DEC 20 by ....
Reply #8 of 9 posted 31 DEC 20 by Duchesse
Good idea. While I have some roses doing amazingly well in full sun, the others with afternoon protection are probably grateful, so I will do that. Since I'm building alot of little polypipe shadecloth screens for young fruit trees, I can do the same for some roses. Will let everyone know in time. Thanks
Reply #9 of 9 posted 31 DEC 20 by ....
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