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most recent 18 JAN HIDE POSTS
Initial post 18 JAN by caz96
Has anyone imported a rose from the USA lately, if so can you help the USA company is asking for an import permit I rung defra on the 03001000313 and they say I don’t need a permit just need to go on peach and fill out that??
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 JAN by Marlorena
As members of the public, we cannot just import roses from the U.S. and neither should we try... to use the PEACH system you need to be registered as a business..
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most recent 18 MAR 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 18 MAR 16 by little_oaks
Hi, I'm looking for the rose called "Earl Grey." I've found shops that sell the cut flower, but I'm not adept enough to grow it from a cutting. Would anyone know where this rose could be purchased from?

Franco Roses from New Zealand doesn't seem to be in business anymore, and they are the original breeder, and the local nurseries are not able to help.
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most recent 29 JUN 09 SHOW ALL
Initial post 23 JUN 09 by pen huskinson
Does anyone knnow where I can buy the Julio Iglesias rose, I live in the UK, but could heve it mailed to me from anywhere else, I guess? Thanks, Pen
Reply #1 of 2 posted 23 JUN 09 by Jeff Britt
I would suggest you contact the breeder/nursery, Meilland. I would go to their website where they list JI under "rose trees" and "hybrid teas". I would send them an email and ask them how to buy one of their plants. It should be possible! Their website is They offer an English language option, too!
Reply #2 of 2 posted 29 JUN 09 by pen huskinson
Thank you so much! I have contacted Meilland who have said they can indeed send me the Julio Iglesias bare rooted roses , from France to the UK, in November. Bless you, Pen
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most recent 16 SEP 07 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 15 SEP 07 by dianne
Searching for rose named "Millie, Poulsen 013 also known as Ghita. Medium Pink with strong fragrance. Wanting to import it to australia if possible. Looking to plant this rose in memory of my 8 y.o.granddaughter who died recently. Her name was Millie,
Can anyone help?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 16 SEP 07 by Judith C.
Bit of a problem importing into Australia - customs so strict. Cants of Colchester UK would no doubt accept to export there ... at a price!! But then the seasons are the opposite of Australia, so you would have to get them to send it in March or there abouts ...
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