How Do I…
Click the SEARCH / LOOKUP link under the PLANTS section heading on the navigation menu found on the left of most every page and you'll be presented with tabbed form for searching for plants. You can search for a plant by name or for more complex searches like plant color, fragrance, bloom form, etc. use the Advanced Search tab.

Begin your search by selecting the desired plant type from the plant type dropdown selection list found at the upper left of the search tabs.

The NAME SEARCH presents a text box for you to enter the full or partial plant name. You have the option of searching for all plant names beginning with; containing; or sounding like the name you typed in. Capitalization is ignored so "peace" and "PEACE" will return the same results. If you are having a problem finding a plant it is often useful to use the contains option and enter only part of the name.

The ADVANCED SEARCH tab provides for a more complex search using one or more plant attributes like class, color, fragrance, zone, etc.

As with most pages on this website, click the red help button for detailed instructions on how to use the displayed page or form.