How Do I…
Photos featured on HelpMeFind may not be downloaded or used without explicit permission.

All photos are the property of the original contributor and are copyrighted by both the contributor and HelpMeFind. You must contact the photo's contributor for permission to use their photos.

You can contact photo owners using HMF's private message facility. If you are not already an HMF member, follow the "How Do I..." instructions for registering. It's free and you are welcome to remain anonymous if you choose.

Once you have completed the registration process you are free to send private messages to other members. Each full-size photo display page includes the name of the photo and the photo's owner in the heading. The name following the "courtesy of" text is the photo's contributor. Note their name is a clickable link which will take you to their HMF member page.

There you will find a button labeled "SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE". Click this button and enter your message requesting permission to use their photo(s). We will immediately send them an email notifying them of your message post and invite them to respond. If and when they respond, we will notify you with an email. If they choose to not respond or deny your request, you may not use their photo in any way.

We have found most HMF members are happy to grant permission for non-commercial use on the condition they are properly credited. Some members are professional photographers and you should expect they will request compensation for use of their photos, particularly for commercial use.

Illegal use of HelpMeFind photos discourages additional photo contributions from our members. We work closely with them to protect their intellectual property.