How Do I…
You must be the "owner" of a HelpMeFind listing to change it. The owner is the HMF registered guest that added the listing or has been given the appropriate aurthority by the owner.

If your listing was added by HelpMeFind staff and you wish to make changes yourself you can do so by first registering (see How do I register) and then emailing us with your listing name and your guest Id.

When you display your listing, if you are the listing "owner" and you are logged in (see Logging in to HelpMeFind), you will see blue EDIT links below each item heading on the left. Click on the appropriate EDIT link to add or change information pertaining to that heading.

For example, click the EDIT link below the ADDRESS: heading to add or update address information.

If you do not see the EDIT links you are not recorded as the listing owner or you have not logged in.

Please contact us if you have a problem.